Pronouns: She/Her They/Them

Queer Kink was initially created as an intimate visual journal of my life as a queer femme kinkster in the midst of a sexual awakening.

Growing up with a need to hold on to memories and a fear of forgetting, I started documenting important moments in my life since my pre-teens, often using pen and paper to write it all down, then eventually using my mother's discarded cameras to photograph my friends, my relationships, things I found beautiful at the time such as street art, flowers, the night sky, leaves (which I would also preserve in the notebooks I'd write in!), and myself.

For the past 4 years I began focusing more on self-portraiture in hopes of reconnecting with my body and practice self-love, as well as document my latex fetishism which I began to explore in my late teens.

Eventually due to a tragedy back home, I relocated to the states, where I connected with people who were as kinky as I was, and with whom I learned many wonderful things about queerness, sex, and intimacy. I used my camera to document our experiences and keep memories of my lovers and friends, until it became what it is today: a visual journal of strangers, clients, new friends, lovers, exes, etc., being intimate, sexy, queer, and empowered.